"Quality is not an act.
It is a habit."

Chief Investment Strategist - (02530517)

Min Salary: $120000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 10/9/2017
Degree: Bachelor of Arts Hist, Master Mgmt
SENIOR INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE ** Fluent in French and Hebrew.  Can speak Japanese, German, and a few other languages.
Investment management professional with extensive experience in financial analytics and modeling.
Consistently drive growth and increase revenue in progressive and shifting markets.
Proven excellence in strategic turnaround and identifying external managers.
Extensive due diligence and business acumen in governmental, public and private environments.

Global investment professional with comprehensive company and industry fundamental analysis background.
Strong purchase, sale and restructuring decision-making in corporate and governmental organizations to advance tactical and strategic positioning.
Assurance of appropriate risk / return and benchmarks.
Uncompromising confidentiality, ethics and integrity.
Thrives in ever-changing and fast-paced environments.